The End of Cable Services – what this means for your home connectivity

If you are a StarHub cable, broadband or home phone line customer, you will no doubt know by now that on 30th June 2019 they will be terminating all cable services. All customers are to be migrated over from the old coax network to the latest generation Fibre optic network. Whilst StarHub has promised that… Read More »

Why you should upgrade to an SSD

Computers are a sizeable investment that you most likely wish to keep running for as long as possible. Both Macs and Windows computers generally last 3-5 years, however, you can stretch out that lifespan significantly when you make the right upgrades and repairs.  If you have noticed your computer isn’t running as well as it… Read More »

Tech New Years Resolutions for 2019

The usual New Year’s resolutions involve hitting the gym, getting healthy and spending less. Why not change it up this time and add tech resolutions to the mix? Take a look at some tech-inspired changes you can make in the new year. Create a robust backup plan The risks of data loss are very high… Read More »

How to watch BBCiPlayer and US Netflix in Singapore

One of the common things people miss living in a foreign country is access to their favourite TV shows from back home. Content Providers such as BBCiPlayer, US Neflix, ITVPlayer, Hulu, HBO etc block streaming video abroad due to digital rights restrictions. So how can you watch BBCiPlayer in Singapore? There are ways to work… Read More »

Top 5 dangers kids face online & how to prevent them

Children are among the most active Internet users, and are unfortunately subjected to a number of risks. If you allow your children to spend time online, it’s important to know what threats they face so you may deal with them accordingly. Here are some of the most common dangers kids face onine and steps to… Read More »

What is Two-Step Verification and do I need it?

If you read our last edition of TekkieNews, explaining what to do if you suspect someone has hacked your online accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, DropBox and others, you will know that we recommend you enhance account security by setting up two-step authentication, also referred to as two-factor verification. This security measure has been… Read More »

Mesh Networks: Everything you need to know

Mesh networking is the latest buzz word in technology. From Google to DLink, everyone is rolling out “Mesh Network” kits that promise to fix WiFi dead zones. MyRepublic, Singtel and StarHub also offer mesh network equipment as part of their Internet packages. But, do mesh networks really live up to all the hype? We are… Read More »