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Tekkie Help – How it all started

Bo and Sarah chatted with Angela Manners, from Vanilla Beige, to share the story of how Tekkie Help began:

I have a husband, The Vegetarian, who is quite a technical person. Ever since I’ve known him, he’s been tinkering with this device or pulling apart that computer. Every tech issue in our house has been fixed by him. A page of computer code intrigues him as much as coffee intrigues...

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Give your Mac a new lease of life (…even if you think it’s dead!)

A Mac is a sizable investment that you most likely wish to keep running for as long as possible. The average lifespan of a Mac is around 4 years but with good care and hardware upgrades/repairs, it can last for many years longer. So what can you do to extend the life span of your Mac?

A little bit of TLC
While is might be needless to say, avoiding physical abuse and...

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Protect your precious memories: 6 ways to store your digital photos correctly!

In the age of affordable DSLRs, phones with cameras and ubiquitous photo-sharing on Facebook and other social networks, we’re taking more photos than ever before. However the inherent problem here lies in actually having to manage all of these devices and the photos stored within. Have you ever asked yourself where all of your photos are actually stored? Are they backed up?...

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Cybercrime – how to protect yourself

Over the past few months we have had a worrying increase in the number of people coming to us who have been targeted by online scammers. We have also been targeted ourselves! Cyber criminals have got extremely clever and professional. Their emails appear to be credible legitimate requests from known and trusted organisations such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. The emails often highlight an urgent necessity...

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Windows 10 – Should you upgrade or not?

If you have a computer running Windows 7 or 8, mark 30th July on your calendar. That’s the day that upgrading your PC to Windows 10 will no longer be free. Once the operating system passes its one-year anniversary, Microsoft, will start charging $229 to move over to Windows 10.

You may have been putting off upgrading because you didn’t want to become and early adopter, or that you have...

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NAS – The Ultimate Storage Solution

Whether you have heard of a NAS or not, check out why we think every household should have one.

One of the most popular pieces of equipment we are installing for our customers now is a NAS. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and is essentially a data storage unit that connects to your home network. A home NAS unit typically has 2 to 4 hard drives on which you can store all of...

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Watch BBCiPlayer, US Netflix and more in Singapore

Missing your favourite TV shows from back home? No worries Tekkie Help can get you access in no time. There are many solutions out there and it can be a bit of a mine field to navigate through them for the less technically savvy or time-poor people. Read on to find out the main option available to you.

We get a lot of calls from expats quizzing us on the best ways for them to see their favourite...

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Room to Grow: Data storage solutions

Thanks to the wide availability of high-speed broadband,digital cameras and media download sites, we are storing more data than ever before. Whilst it was only a few years ago that an 80GB hard drive was more than adequate, nowadays we’re often struggling to find space to save our data. Here we are going to discuss different options for you to consider when you are running out of space.


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Beat the Heat: How to protect your device from high temperatures

It’s certainly getting hot now in Singapore. As temperatures start to rise, people aren’t the only ones sweltering. Laptops and mobile devices also are in danger when the mercury rises. Overheating can cause permanent damage to the CPU, hard drive and other components. This can lead to irreparable data loss. Here are some tips on keeping computers and mobile devices protected during the summer.


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New computer? 5 tips to help you make the right choice

Time to treat yourself to a new computer? If it is, you’re in luck! There has never been a time with such great choices. Whether you are looking for a computer to run demanding applications/games or for day to day use, picking the right PC (Mac or Windows) can be a daunting task and that is why we are here to help.

The savvy buyer knows that there are five key features to pay attention...

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How to fix a dead iPad/ iPhone

You press your iPad/Phone’s power button, and nothing happens? If your device will not turn on when you press any button, you may think that you iPad or iphone is broken and you may need to replace. But do not panic. There are lots of things that you can do to fix your device; because usually there is an easy fix. Here is what you can do if your iPad/Phone is unresponsive (dead), meaning nothing...

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How to use iOS Family Sharing

Until now, sharing music, movies, photos and other iTunes purchases with your family members was a huge headache. Apple has finally introduced a way to sync purchases without being forced to share your Apple ID and password information. The new Family Sharing feature, available with iOS 8 allows up to six people to share purchased content, photos, locations and calendars from their individual accounts.


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Tips on how to get great Internet in your new home

Poor internet connectivity – WiFi black spots, intermittent service, buffering streaming – are extremely common here in Singapore, partly due to the dense concrete and steel reinforced structure of buildings. We help people optimise their home wireless networks every day.

There are a number of different techniques we can use to ensure you have seamless coverage throughout your home. ...

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SONOS wireless speakers – the low down

In times past, you’d come across some fairly major logistical issues if you wanted to be able to listen to your entire music collection anywhere in your home, let alone the garden. You’d either need to move your sound system, or put up with wires and cables trailing through doors and under rugs or spend a fortune on a wired home entertainment system.

The rise of digital and computer based...

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HeartBleed – how to protect your self from this major security threat

An encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug is already being called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. The bug has affected many popular websites and services — ones you might use every day, like Gmail and Facebook — and could have quietly exposed your sensitive account information (such as passwords and credit card numbers) over the past two years.


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How Robust is your Backup? Follow our 3 steps to help protect your data

Our top tip for anyone is to always backup your data, however, a backup also needs a backup plan. We have had a number of recent cases where the backup device has been damaged, become corrupt or subjected to a virus. If this is the only copy of data then things become a bit hairy. We also have instances where people move their music and photos off their computer to an external drive and think they...

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7 Productivity boosting Mac keyboard shortcuts

We love tips that help us get around our computers faster and more efficiently. These are seven great Mac shortcuts that you may not know about that can boost your productivity by making navigation easier and performing tasks faster.

Check out a video demonstration of our top shortcuts by

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5 Tips on upgrading from Windows XP

The clock is ticking for Windows XP users. Soon it will see the end of all official support — including security upgrades — from Microsoft. To protect yourself it’s time to either upgrade your operating system (or your computer if it is getting old). By upgrading to Windows 7 or 8, you can also take advantage of the many productivity enhancements these more recent operating systems...

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Best free software for protecting your PC and your privacy

Want to ensure that your PC and all of your files and data stay safe, secure and private – without breaking the bank? You’ll be pleased to know there are a number of free solutions out there. We have rounded up our favourite free security and privacy utilities that shield you against malware, protect your data at WiFi hotspots, encrypt your data.

1. Protect against Malware

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The Ultimate Tech Travel Survival Kit

Heading off for some much needed rest & relaxation, yet dreading actually getting there with kids in tow? Worry no more with our very own Ultimate Tech Travel Survival Kit –  which includes some fab suggestions for apps to download and some great gadgets to make the trip go more smoothly!

We have shared our travel tips to keep parents sane with, popular parenting website –...

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Help keep your children safe online

As parents, we all want to ensure that our kids are not accessing inappropriate content on the Internet or being targeted by cyber bullies or predators. There is a huge range of solutions on the market that help monitor and control children’s online usage, all with a variety of price tags, and so choosing the right software can be confusing and very time consuming. To help you make the right choice,...

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Make Backing Up a new year’s resolution

If the thought of loosing all of your personal photos and documents fills you with dread, it is vital that you have a backup strategy for your data. We are increasingly being called to the rescue when people have had major disk failure and do not have a backup in place. Tekkie Help is here to ensure you take the necessary steps to protect your data.
Let us start in defining what a back up...

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Give the gift of support this Christmas

Don’t know what to but someone this Christmas? We have an exclusive Christmas promotion: 10% off Tekkie Help gift vouchers. The perfect accompaniment to new Christmas gadgets or a great last minute pressie idea!

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Inspiration for any last minute Christmas shoppers!

Whether you are putting together your list for Father Christmas or deciding what to buy someone, here are some great gadget ideas anyone (not just Tekkie’s) are going to love!

New tablet or smart phone
Portable devices just get better and better each year. We think the hottest ones on the market include Google’s Nexus 7 FHD tablet, as well as the Galaxy S4....

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Want to view your favourite TV shows in Singapore?

We get a lot of calls from expats, quizzing us on the best ways for them to get to see their favourite TV shows from back home. There are many solutions out there and it can be a bit of a mine field to navigate through them for the less technically saavy people. We have summarised the main options for viewing decent TV here in Singapore to help you work out what is the best solution for you and...

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Optimise your wireless network

We have had hundreds of calls this year from people who are at their wits end dealing with snail paced Internet browsing, buffering media content and lack of wireless signal in critical areas of their home. In Singapore, there are a number of factors that can result in slow speeds and Wi-Fi black spots and slow speeds. We’ll explain some causes and share a few tricks of the trade to help optimise...

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