Ensuring you have seamless and secure access to your email

Are you having trouble with your email or need help setting it up? We have a team of highly experienced Tekkie Specialists who can come to your home to help troubleshoot and resolve any problems you are having with  your email. We can also help you set up new email accounts and transfer your emails and contacts from your old account to the new one and synchronise your email on all your devices.

If you suspect your email has been compromised, we can help you resecure your email to help protect your data. We can then put measures in place to increase security and ensure you are protected from malicious cyber attacks (see Malware removal & protection).

Some of the things we can help with:

  • Troubleshoot email issues
  • Transfer email to new provider
  • Migrate email data to new email provider
  • Synchronise your email on your devices
  • Ensure your email account is secure

For onsite support, Tekkie Help is $180 for the first hour and $130 for each subsequent hour (inclusive of GST).  Please refer to the Pricing section for further information.

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