Managing, Organizing & Protecting Photos (for Mac)

Our Foundation Level workshop, created to share with you a proven strategy to better organise, manage and protect your photos. Available in person group sessions, privaet class or pre-recorded online session.
Prices from – SGD $97

Sort Your Photos Mac Masterplan

Fully comprehensive online course which follows a 7-Step framework to bring order to your photos – a complete guide to help you manage, organise and protect your photos. You will also have access to us directly via Zoom on a weekly basis for support.
USD $897 USD $497

Master Your Mac – Essential Tips & Tricks

Are you using your Mac to its full potential? Come and learn the essential tips, tricks and functions of the Mac OS. Suitable for Intermediate and Beginners. Available as group session in-person or online.
Prices from SGD $77

Creating a Robust backup

What would you do if you lost EVERYTHING? Don’t be a fool. Backup your files. Join our workshop to learn how. Courses for Mac and Windows.
SGD $149

Managing, Organising & Protecting Photos (for Windows) – PRIVATE SESSION

Do you struggle to manage & organise your ever-increasing number of digital photos on your Windows PC? Learn our strategy.
SGD $360

Device Safety Workshop (for Mac users)

This hands-on and interactive workshop will help you set up controls on your Apple devices to safeguard and protect your children online and to help manage screen time.
Online / In-person  – SGD $50 / $108

How the Cloud Works

Baffled by the Cloud? Get instant access to our 1 hour masterclass to learn how the cloud works and why you should never rely only on the cloud for storing your data.
ONLY SGD   $10

How to Access International TV in Singapore

Missing your favourite TV shows from back home? This 1 hour masterclass will tell you how to get set up to watch the latest series and live sports

Enjoy Your Photos (for Mac users)

Got hundreds of photos but do you actually ENJOY them? Learns ways to make the most of your photos (e.g. creating books). 1-1.5 hour online workshop
SGD $47

Demystifying iCloud and Setting Up Family Sharing​​

Demystifying iCloud & Setting Up Family Sharing Workshop Objectives.
SGD $499 SGD $67

Identifying & Removing Duplicate Photos​

Are you fed up with pesky duplicate photos clogging up your library, yet are too scared to delete them? Join workshop and we will show you how.
SGD $157 $77

Tekkie Talks with Bo​

Monthly masterclass sessions on various Tekkie topics – run time is 1 hour and they are online.
SGD $10