Future-proof your precious memories

Home videos are precious, priceless and irreplaceable memories. Without careful management we are at risk of losing those cherished moments.

Tekkie Help can help make your memories last a lifetime. We can assist with the conversion of your family videos from outdated (and often obsolete) media forms to the latest digital formats. This not only future proofs you memories but enables you to integrate your data in with your current photo/ video libraries.

Some of the things we can help with:

  • Conversion of VHS-C, Hi-8, Mini DV
  • Clean up any damaged/ dirty film
  • Copy data to external hard drive in latest digital format

Prices for video conversion are as follows:

DV Video tapes – $50 per tape

Hi8 and Video 8 tapes – $75 per tape

VHS tapes – $60 per hour of footage

CD/DVDs – $15 per disk

We can provide a discount for high volume jobs – please contact us on 81138682 to discuss.

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