7 productivity boosting Mac keyboard shortcuts

We love tips that help us get around our computers faster and more efficiently. These are seven great Mac shortcuts that you may not know about that can boost your productivity by making navigation easier and performing tasks faster.

Check out a video demonstration of our top shortcuts by clicking here, or the list below:

  • Command+Shift+A/U/D: These 3-in-1 shortcuts take you to the Applications, Utilities, and Desktop folders (respectively) when in the Finder. As you will need to get to each relatively often, this key command can save you quite a bit of time.
  • Command+1/2/3/4: When you need to change views in the finder, you don’t have to bother with your mouse. 1 will get you icon view, 2 list view, 3 column view, and 4 cover flow.
  • Command+Option+I: When you need info on multiple files, just select them and execute this key command. You’ll get an info panel about everything currently selected.
  •  Command+Shift+4 and Space: When you press Command+Shift+4 you get to take a screenshot of a specific area on the screen. If you hit the space bar afterwards, however, you can click on any window to get a nice PNG with transparent background of that window.
  • Command+Option+M: Sometimes you end up with too many windows on your desktop and you just want to cut your losses. Minimize them all to the dock with this keyboard shortcut.
  • Command+(Shift)+~: If you’d rather cycle through millions of windows, you can use this key command to do so. Add or remove the shift key to change directions.
  • Command+Option+Space: Most of us know that you can search Spotlight quickly by pressing Command+Space. Add the option key to get a Spotlight search window and get more specific about what you’re trying to find.

OS X has plenty of awesome shortcuts and they certainly don’t stop after seven. These, however, will help you get around your Mac a little bit faster and have similar structures so they’re easy to remember.

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