Looking to buy or sell equipment?

Are you looking for a new computer but haven’t a clue what model to choose? Perhaps you are after an Apple Mac but can’t quite stomach the high costs of a brand new machine?

At Tekkie Help we can both assist you with purchasing new devices, helping you select a model with the correct specifications. We can even accompany you on the shopping trip to browse options and make your purchase.

We also sell second-hand computers if you are looking for cost effective options. As a trusted supplier we can guarantee that equipment has not previously been damaged by liquid and that it is in good working order. We usually install a brand new hard disk drive and we also provide a 1-3 month guarantee on second hand equipment.

Check out our “Shop” for computers we have currently available.

Have an old computer you don’t want or need anymore?

At Tekkie Help we purchase unwanted iMacs, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, iPads and iPhones, refurbish them to a high standard and then sell them at competitive prices.
Should you have any unwanted Apple computers you wish to part please complete the following form with details and we will advise as to how much money the item is worth.


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