Protect and preserve your family memories

No doubt if you are in your 40s or older you most likely have many family memories stored on camcorder tapes. You may already have converted these to a DVD some years back, however, even if you have, technology is quickly evolving and these old media types are becoming obsolete. It is important to take… Read More »

The Importance of a “Digital Photo Hub” (and How to Create one)

The foundation of good organizing is to keep like with like instead of having everything scattered about, so why should your photos be any different? They need to be collected in one central (and safe) location so that you know where to look for them. A Master Photo Library or digital photo “hub”, is the… Read More »

Protect your precious memories: 6 ways to store, organise and enjoy your digital photos!

With smartphone cameras becoming more powerful than ever, coupled with ubiquitous photo-sharing on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, we’re taking more photos than ever before. However, the inherent problem here lies in actually having to manage all of these devices and the photos stored within. Have you ever asked yourself where all of your photos are… Read More »