What is Cloud Storage and how does it work?

I’ve been speaking to many people recently and it’s clear that this is a topic that baffles them! If you don’t understand what is cloud storage and how does it work, you risk losing data as it is a synchronising software… What is Cloud Storage? Cloud Storage is a mode of computer data storage in which… Read More »

Backup Blunders: The most common backup mistakes (and how to avoid them)

What would you do if you lost all of your precious data – decades of family memories and a lifetime of documents and paperwork? Backup of data should be the number one priority for anyone who does not want to risk losing data. Here are the most common backup mistakes we encounter and how to… Read More »

6 Photo Management Mistakes You’re Making (and How to Fix Them)

In the age of digital photography, the chances are you have a huge, unwieldy photo library that is in desperate need of attention. That’s just the nature of shooting digital. The inherent problem here lies in actually having to manage all of your photos. Cleaning up your existing photo library will be a chore, but there… Read More »

Tech New Years Resolutions for 2020

The usual New Year’s resolutions involve hitting the gym, getting healthy and spending less. Why not change it up this time and add tech resolutions to the mix? Take a look at some tech-inspired changes you can make in the new year. 1. Create a robust backup plan The risks of data loss are very… Read More »

How robust is your backup? Follow our 3 steps to help protect your data

Our top tip for anyone is to always backup your data, however, a backup also needs a backup plan. We have had a number of recent cases where the backup device has been damaged, become corrupt or subjected to a virus. If this is the only copy of data then things become a bit hairy.… Read More »

Make backing up a new year’s resolution

If the thought of losing all of your personal photos and documents fills you with dread, it is vital that you have a backup strategy for your data. We are increasingly being called to the rescue when people have had major disk failure and do not have a backup in place. Tekkie Help is here… Read More »