Why having the RIGHT technology is so important when managing your photos

Having trouble with how to sort and organise your photos? Sarah and Bo from Sort Your Photos (a sister company of Tekkie Help) share with us why having the RIGHT technology is so important when managing your photos – it really is the key to any successful photo management strategy and vital you consider your… Read More »

What is Cloud Storage and how does it work?

I’ve been speaking to many people recently and it’s clear that this is a topic that baffles them! If you don’t understand what is cloud storage and how does it work, you risk losing data as it is a synchronising software… What is Cloud Storage? Cloud Storage is a mode of computer data storage in which… Read More »

Chaos to Organised: Photo Organisation Solutions

Chaos to organized – That is what exactly what the objective of the new business venture, Sort Your Photos is all about – we want to help people manage, organize and protect their photos. For almost a decade Sarah & Bo from Tekkie Help have been helping people at home and work get their technology… Read More »

8 Tips of How To Enjoy Your Photos

Do you actually get to enjoy your photos? Remember the good old days when you could pull out a photo album and reminisce through your memories without any hassle? Nowadays, looking at photos often means searching through your hard drive or your Facebook account! Digital photography has enabled an explosion of photos, but most of… Read More »

The Importance of a “Digital Photo Hub” (and How to Create one)

The foundation of good organizing is to keep like with like instead of having everything scattered about, so why should your photos be any different? They need to be collected in one central (and safe) location so that you know where to look for them. A Master Photo Library or digital photo “hub”, is the… Read More »

6 Photo Management Mistakes You’re Making (and How to Fix Them)

In the age of digital photography, the chances are you have a huge, unwieldy photo library that is in desperate need of attention. That’s just the nature of shooting digital. The inherent problem here lies in actually having to manage all of your photos. Cleaning up your existing photo library will be a chore, but there… Read More »

Protect your precious memories: 6 ways to store, organise and enjoy your digital photos!

With smartphone cameras becoming more powerful than ever, coupled with ubiquitous photo-sharing on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, we’re taking more photos than ever before. However, the inherent problem here lies in actually having to manage all of these devices and the photos stored within. Have you ever asked yourself where all of your photos are… Read More »

NAS – the ultimate storage solution

Whether you have heard of a NAS or not, check out why we think every household should have one. One of the most popular pieces of equipment we are installing for our customers now is a NAS. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage and is essentially a data storage unit that connects to your home… Read More »

Room to grow: Data storage solutions

Thanks to the wide availability of high-speed broadband,digital cameras and media download sites, we are storing more data than ever before. Whilst it was only a few years ago that an 80GB hard drive was more than adequate, nowadays we’re often struggling to find space to save our data. Here we are going to discuss… Read More »

How to use iOS family sharing

Until now, sharing music, movies, photos and other iTunes purchases with your family members was a huge headache. Apple has finally introduced a way to sync purchases without being forced to share your Apple ID and password information. The new Family Sharing feature, available with iOS 8 allows up to six people to share purchased… Read More »