3 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

Every responsible parent wants to keep their kids safe online and at the same time manage their screen time. Even the best kids may try to get around parental controls. These 3 tips will help to keep them safe and understand why the rules are in place: 1. Explain The Rules & Risks Rules that… Read More »

Is my iPhone listening to me? Change these smartphone privacy settings now!

You may often wonder “Is your phone actually listening to you? Yes…It is true that your devices are listening and as a result of what they hear, see where you visit etc they can target specific marketing adverts to you. However, they don’t need to waste their time eavesdropping as they can get heaps of information on you from… Read More »

3 Useful WhatsApp Tools – are you using these features?

WhatsApp – we all use it these days and it has become a really convenient and cheap way to communicate with friends, family and businesses. We wanted to share with you 3 useful WhatsApp tools that you may not be familiar with and which could benefit you greatly. If you’re not using these features then… Read More »

Moving house? 5 Tips to getting your technology set up

Moving house (or country) can be stressful and disruptive. But if you can get your technology in order without any headaches, you’ll feel more settled (and connected), more quickly. Here are our 5 tips to getting your technology set up when you move house. 1. Getting seamless WiFi throughout your home Black spots, intermittent service… Read More »

Find that photo – fast!

It can be so frustrating finding THAT photo you need – endlessly scrolling through your photo collection. Unless you recall the exact month and year it was taken, it can be extremely difficult. I was in this exact position this week trying to find a recipe I had snapped at my sister’s house…. When I… Read More »

How to add a digital signature in a Microsoft Word document on a PC or Mac

Fed up of printing out forms, signing, scanning and sending back? Did you know that you can add a digital signature in a Microsoft Word document on a PC or Mac? It not only saves a heap of time but also add a nice personal touch and on forms, the ability to also complete them… Read More »

“It’s ok, it’s all in the Cloud”….Or is it?

Cloud storage is NOT a backup, here’s why There is a growing assumption that having your personal or business data all in the cloud is a safe and streamlined way of working – a storage and backup up solution in one. However, cloud storage sites such as iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and One Drive,… Read More »

Why having the RIGHT technology is so important when managing your photos

Having trouble with how to sort and organise your photos? Sarah and Bo from Sort Your Photos (a sister company of Tekkie Help) share with us why having the RIGHT technology is so important when managing your photos – it really is the key to any successful photo management strategy and vital you consider your… Read More »

Life-saving Phone Configurations Everybody Should Have!

Did you know that it is possible to setup your phone so that it could potentially save your life? The phone configurations can also help increase the chanced of getting reunited with your device if you happen to lose it one day. We have shared this tip previously on social media but it came to… Read More »

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in Singapore (and your other favourite shows)

Living away from your home country, many expats miss their favourite TV shows from back home – BBC, US Netflix, ITV, ABC etc. Whilst one can watch some content on Mio and StarHub TV, the choice is limited and the most recent shows are rarely available, not to mention it is not on demand! You… Read More »