Give your computer a new lease of life

Computers are be a sizeable investment that you most likely wish to keep running for as long as possible. If you have noticed your computer isn’t running as well as it used to, become sluggish and unreponsive or is perhaps full to the brim with data, before you take the decision to buy a new computer, it may be worth considering fine tuning your computer.

We have a team of highly experienced Tekkie Specialists whom can assess your computer and advise on what can be done to enhance it’s overall performace and extend its lifespan. Simple hardware upgrades such as increasing the RAM or upgrading to a solid state drive, will enhance your computers speed and performance. Also, replacing your hard drive with a larger capacity disk will not only increase your storage space but also extend the life of your computer. You don’t always need to buy a new computer to get the feeling and benefits of a new system!

It is also important to run the latest operating system on your Windows PC or Apple Mac you can not only enjoy all the latest features, but most importantly mean that you have up to data security protection.

Some of the things we can help with:

  • Increase the storage space
  • Increase RAM
  • Install a fusion drive or SSD
  • Replace batteries, screens, trackpads and keyboards
  • Upgrade to the latest operating system
  • Apple iMac and MacBook upgrades (including “Vintage” Apple models)


We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality Apple and Window computer repair service. We carry out major computer upgrades in our fully equipped workshop. We use original parts where possible and our Tekkie Specialists take great care of your equipment and personal data.


Full service of your PC or Mac for just $135

We will come out to you and service your computer: Assess system security, check for malware, clean the registry, remove any old temporary files and ensure it is running  smoothly and also properly backed up – regardless of the time it takes us


Do you need to stay connected whilst your system is being repaired or upgraded?

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