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Tekkie Help is here to offer you sound and unbiased advice in order to deliver the right solutions to meet your needs, and at the right price.

Our objective is to make it easy for you to communicate and manage information via the use of technology. Our consultancy services can be provided at your premises or over the phone. We pride ourselves in our flexibility to provide services that meet the individual needs of our customers. Listed below are a few examples of what we offer.

Tekkie Help consultancy is charged at $120 per hour for remote support. For on-site appointments, Tekkie Help is $160 for the first hour and $120 for each subsequent hour.

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Tekkie Help solutions
Help you examine the options available, identify the best overall solution and plan the way forward
Help you choose service providers such as Telcos, Cable TV companies etc.
Which hardware or software? Get recommendations from Tekkie Help
Setting up a business – what IT infrastructure is required?

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