Find that photo – fast!

It can be so frustrating finding THAT photo you need – endlessly scrolling through your photo collection. Unless you recall the exact month and year it was taken, it can be extremely difficult.

I was in this exact position this week trying to find a recipe I had snapped at my sister’s house….

When I couldn’t find the photo, I referred back to some great tips we share in our photo organising workshops and instead, found the photo using the location feature and looking on the map, where I took the photo.

I’ll share with you these tips to streamline and optimise your search.

Tips on how to quickly find photos:

1️⃣ Use a photo management software – ALWAYS. This way you have a number of ways you can sort and find photos. If you don’t use a photo management software then it is very time consuming to open and close single JPEG images trying to find your photo. For Apple users, Photos is a great tool and for Windows users we recommend Google Photos.
2️⃣ DATE – it is super easy if you recall the date you took the photo as you can search by year/ month and day on all devices.

3️⃣ FACIAL RECOGNITION – if your photo has a particular person, use the facial recognition tool and go to “Faces” to pull up all your photos with a particular person.

4️⃣ LOCATION – Apple and Google both have a location map where you can find a particular location you took a photo – it is so detailed you can get down to an exact spot.

5️⃣ OBJECT SERACH – This is a really cool feature where you can search for a specific object or environment of a photo e.g. beach, dog, boat.

Tips on how to OPTIMISE search:
To make life easier for future management of your photos, make a habit of adding a caption to any photos you know you will want to refer back to at some point (for me, things like receipts, passport photo, flight booking references, insurance documents etc). To do this

Adding captions:

➡️ On an iPhone, swipe up on your photo and “Add a Caption”

➡️ In Google photos, swipe up on your photo and “Add a Description”

You can then use the “Search” tool to find your photos using your caption.



I hope this Tekkie Tip will save you time from endlessly scrolling and keep your blood pressure down!! If you would like more help with photo management and organising, you are welcome to join one of our training sessions – in person and online.

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