Give your Mac a new lease of life (…even if you think it’s dead!)

A Mac is a sizable investment that you most likely wish to keep running for as long as possible. The average lifespan of a Mac is around 4 years but with good care and hardware upgrades and Mac repairs, it can last for many years longer. So what can you do to extend the life span of your Mac?

A little bit of TLC

While is might be needless to say, avoiding physical abuse and caring for your computer is an easy way to increase the longevity of Apple’s systems. For example, if you travel with your laptop, always carry it in a protective case; keep the computer well ventilated by regularly vacuuming out the fans/ vents; keep your operating system up to date and…don’t eat or drink over your computer!

New Hard Drive

Many people feel that it is time to send their computer to “Apple Heaven” is when they become slow. A common cause for sluggish computers is that the hard drive is beginning to fail. The life span of a hard drive is on average 4 years. If the hard drive fails totally, your Mac will not be able to boot up properly and there is a risk of data loss if you don’t have a backup. Rest assured this doesn’t have to be the time to say goodbye to your Mac. Our Tekkie Specialists can replace your hard drive and give your computer a new lease of life.
Even if your computer is running well, you may wish to change the hard drive on your laptop to increase the storage space if your computer is getting full, or you can also upgrade a conventional hard disk drive to a super quick Solid State Drive (SSD) to really boost the performance of your laptop or desktop.


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RAM upgrade

Another way to speed up a slow computer is to upgrade the RAM. When a computer is running, it needs to access information from the hard drive to enable programs to run. Accessing information on hard drives can be relatively slow. To speed things up the computer stores frequently used information in the RAM, which is fast access memory. With the latest Mac operating system, the optimum RAM for it to run well is 8GB. Many older Macs just have 4GB RAM and so upgrading by 4GB is a good way to speed it up.


Hardware repairs

Perhaps your computer has failed to boot up altogether. Fear not, there are still options to bring it back to life. Usually a totally dead Mac is due to a failure in the logic board (main circuit board). At Tekkie Help, we have the expertise to perform Apple repairs and we can repair logic boards for between $400-600. This is much cheaper than buying a new Mac or taking it to Apple for repair. We can also replace LCD screens, trackpads, batteries, keyboards etc. to keep your computers running smoothly.

We would advise against investment in upgrading (or undertaking significant repairs) if your Mac is older than 2010 as it is not cost effective. If the price of a new Apple fills you with horror, don’t fret, we sell refurbished Apples which offer a cost-effective solution.

If you have your heart set on a new Mac, that is great (lucky you!). We will be able to help transfer the data from your old Mac and we would also be very interested in buying your old Mac off you.

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