How to watch BBCiPlayer and US Netflix in Singapore

One of the common things people miss living in a foreign country is access to their favourite TV shows from back home. Content Providers such as BBCiPlayer, US Neflix, ITVPlayer, Hulu, HBO etc block streaming video abroad due to digital rights restrictions. So how can you watch BBCiPlayer in Singapore? There are ways to work around these restrictions – we can help you to install Virtual Private Network (VPN) or Domain Name Server (DNS) software which lets you connect through a 3rd party server and makes it look, to the external world, like your computer is located in the region you set the IP address to i.e. UK or US. Set up depends on which devices you use and what content you want to access.

One option is to install a VPN on your iPad/ computer and manually turn it on whenever you wish to watch TV (you can then stream the content to your big TV). With a DNS you can install it on a specific device such as AppleTV, iPad or computer and have it permanently set to a region of your choice. The other option is to put the VPN or DNS on a router. We would recommend setting up a separate VPN/ DNS router as opposed to using your main router as you may experience slower speeds due to all the traffic being tunneled via a different region.

Our Tekkie Specialists can come and advise which is the most suitable solution for you. Set up will take approximately one hour ($140). To book an appointment, just call us on 81138682 or book here.

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