Tips on how to get great Internet in your new home

Poor internet connectivity – WiFi black spots, intermittent service, buffering streaming – are extremely common here in Singapore, partly due to the dense concrete and steel reinforced structure of buildings. We help people optimise their home wireless networks every day.

There are a number of different techniques we can use to ensure you have seamless coverage throughout your home.   However, you may be able to reduce the pain of troublesome Internet (and costs) if you consider Wi-Fi coverage before you move in and during your property search. So, what should you look for and consider?

1. Check it is “Fibre Ready”
Fibre optic broadband is the latest Internet standard being rolled out in Singapore. It delivers ultra-high speeds (1Gbps +)through an island- wide fibre network, directly into your home, ensuring a richer broadband experience. Not all properties are kitted out yet to have a fibre service, so it is worth checking if your new property has an OpenNet termination point. Check out:

2. Lookout for Data points (and phone sockets)
Look out for data points or phone sockets in each room as we can utilise the cabling to get excellent coverage. This is a far more reliable and effective than retail wireless extender and repeater equipment.

3. Budget for cabling
Some properties don’t have data cabling and it can be tricky to get good and stable wireless throughout, especially large black and white house. It is worth getting a quote for wiring and asking landlord to cover the costs (as it is adding value!).

4. Incorporate connectivity into renovation plans
If you are renovating, it is the ideal time to plan your Wi-Fi, don’t leave it until you move it! We can come around to the site and advise on how to get your property wired and set up to make the most out of modern day technology. If you build in technology to your renovation plans, consider also thinking about your media and home entertainment. It is much better to plan it all first to avoid unsightly trunking for wires and drilling holes in your newly painted walls.

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