“It’s ok, it’s all in the Cloud”….Or is it?

Cloud storage is NOT a backup, here’s why

There is a growing assumption that having your personal or business data all in the cloud is a safe and streamlined way of working – a storage and backup up solution in one. However, cloud storage sites such as iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and One Drive, are actually storage solutions and not a backup and so should not be relied upon to protect your data. Sarah and Bo from Tekkie Help, explain why….

What happens when Cloud Storage goes wrong?

Whilst the Cloud does offer a certain level of protection in the event of theft or natural disasters, it is not a robust backup solution as the data synchronises with data on your devices. For instance, if you accidentally delete data off your phone/ computer (or a child using your device does…), the device synchronises with the Cloud and the data is deleted off the Cloud too – trust us, this happens more often than you think!

You can lose access to the Cloud if your login email is either jeopardised (hacked) or if you change your email address for any reason (e.g. job move). Likewise, if you fail to pay the subscription your data access will go along with the Cloud service.


Some tragic stories

We have encountered instances where children have been using a phone linked to the parent’s AppleID and deleted a chunk of photos from the phone (and subsequently iCloud) to make space for games.

Another desperately tragic story was when a lady came to us to help her with her digital photos. When looking for her photos pre-2016 she advised us “it’s all in the Cloud”….actually it wasn’t and the old computer that was linked to the cloud had been disposed and so there was no way of recovering these lost memories.


So, what makes a good backup?

A data backup is the process of copying computer data or files, so they can be restored to the original even after that data has been lost. Backups have two distinct purposes; to recover data after its lost and to recover data from an earlier time. We always recommend a 3-2-1 backup strategy where you have least THREE copies of your data; Backed-up data on TWO different storage types; At least ONE copy of the data offsite – this offsite copy is where the Cloud can come into play.

The bottom line is, if you only have your data in the Cloud, we strongly recommend you get another copy.

If you need help creating a robust backup solution for your personal or business data, contact Tekkie Help on 81138682 or book a PC Health Check which includes a full analysis of your backup.

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