Beat the Heat: How to protect your device from high temperatures

It’s certainly getting hot now in Singapore. As temperatures start to rise, people aren’t the only ones sweltering. Laptops and mobile devices also are in danger when the mercury rises. Overheating can cause permanent damage to the CPU, hard drive and other components. This can lead to irreparable data loss. Here are some tips on keeping computers and mobile devices protected during the summer.

1. Ensure there is a good flow of air around your computer

Make sure there’s nothing sitting right against any side of the computer, especially the back. Most of the hot air flows out of the back end of the computer case. There should be at least 2 to 3 inches open on either side and the back should be completely open and unobstructed. Try to avoid resting laptops on your lap or soft surface (bed/sofa etc).

2. Clean your computer
The fans inside your computer are there to keep it cool. Dirt – in the form of dust, pet hair etc can find a way into your computers and much of it gets stuck on the fans. Over time, the fans slow down the fans and eventually stop. One of the most effective ways to cool your PC is to clean the internal fans. There’s a fan on top the CPU, one inside the power supply and usually one or more on the front and/or back of the case.

Just shut your computer off, open up the case, and use either a vacuum or canned air to remove the dirt from each fan. If your computer is really dirty, take it outside to clean or all that dirt will just settle elsewhere in the room, eventually ending up back inside your PC!

3. Run your PC with the case closed
An urban legend about desktop computer cooling is that running your computer with the case open will keep it cooler. It does seem logical – if the case is open, there would be more air flow which would help keep the computer cooler. The missing puzzle piece here is dirt. When the case is left open, dust and debris clog the cooling fans faster than when the case is closed. This causes the fans to slow down and fail much quicker than usual.

4. Keep them out of direct sunlight

When taking your devices out and about, don’t leave them in the car. Kids and dogs die in cars all the time and so do laptops that fall victim to the greenhouse effect! Also keep them out of direct sun. If you have to keep your computers and tablets in your vehicle, he suggests placing a newspaper or white blanket over the device or placing it in a shaded spot.

If you would like our help on giving your computer a thorough internal clean as well, just give us a call on 81138682.


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