Secure, Eco-friendly & Charitable Hardware Disposal

Disposing of unused computers and hardware can be a challenge, especially if you are concerned about the environment and the security of your data.

Don’t let your data fall into the wrong hands

Great caution needs to be exercised when throwing away (or selling on Carousell/ Facebook) unwanted computers as any data saved onto the hard drive can be accessed, even if you have restored to factory settings and loaded a fresh operating system. To avoid any potential risks of unauthorised data access, we highly recommend more advanced steps to erase your data. At Tekkie Help we have specialised software to ensure disks are erased with zero possibility any data can ever be recovered. We also go a step further and physically drill the disk platters too. After data erase, we are then able to dispose of equipment safely and in an eco-friendly way – we firstly strip down the equipment and reuse any salvageable parts and then we donate any valuable materials (gold, steel, aluminium etc) for recycling.

Charity donations

For computers that are of a reasonable specification and less than 5 years old (even if they don’t necessarily work), we try our best to refurbish these units to give them a new lease of life and then donate them to charities where they can really make a huge difference to people less fortunate than ourselves. One charity we are currently working with is the Good Shepherd in Phuket. The Good Shepherd is a charity school set up to provide an education (and a healthy meal) for the children of Burmese workers in Phuket. They are desperate for computers to support their student’s learning and to teach them the necessary IT skills needed to give them a head start in life and enhance their opportunities for obtaining a good job after school.


In September, Bo and I (Sarah)  delivered 7 new laptops and spent time in the school servicing the existing computers. It


was heart-warming to see first hand how happy and enthusiastic the children all were to be in the school and to see how donations of computers really make a difference.

If you have any unwanted computers lying around your house, reach out to Tekkie Help and we can help you dispose of them in a secure, and friendly way, saving them from landfill and hopefully recycling them for an excellent cause. The cost of  disposal is $50 for all equipment that is not working and is more than 3 years old. For computers that are fully operational, we will erase the data securely free of charge and deliver the computers directly to the Good Shepherd.

Please contact us on 81138682 to discuss any hardware disposal requirements.

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