Tech New Years Resolutions for 2019

The usual New Year’s resolutions involve hitting the gym, getting healthy and spending less. Why not change it up this time and add tech resolutions to the mix? Take a look at some tech-inspired changes you can make in the new year.

  1. Create a robust backup plan

The risks of data loss are very high – your phone may get lost stolen, your computer hard drive could fail at any time or ransom-ware could hold your files hostage.

Take steps to avoid losing your precious data by setting up a robust backup plan. Ensure you have at least two copies of your data, preferably an “onsite” backup (such as on an external hard drive) and an “offsite” backup (in the Cloud or in a different physical location).


  1. Keep your computer clean

Giving your computer a physical clean every few months will help to prolong its life. Computers have many little areas where dust can easily accumulate. Dust reduces the air flow is which will eventually lead to excessive heat. This heat has the potential to damage your computer’s hardware and potential cause data loss. Take the time to vacuum out the air vents and fans.


  1. Bring order to your data

If feeling a bit bewildered at the state of your computer filing system (or lack of!), take the opportunity to bring some order to your data. Start by creating a logical file structure for your documents, ensure you save new files with easy reference names and make a habit to file them away correctly. Consolidate your photos from all your devices in a centralised location and run special programs to remove any duplicates.

  1. Unsubscribe to junk emails

Do you find yourself getting hundreds of emails a week? Declutter your inbox by unsubscribing to email lists that don’t interest you. If you go to it syncs with your email and provides you with a list of subscriptions emails that you can go through and unsubscribe with one click.

  1. Put down your phone

This can be a hard one! Most of us use our phones whilst riding in taxis or buses, eating alone, standing in queues and to be honest, in every spare moment! They really can suck up all your spare time and may even reduce the quality time spent with our friends and family. (They may even be making us sick! There’s some evidence that excessive phone use can cause anxiety and depression.)

One tool that can hopefully help reduce screen time is Moment, an app that tracks overall phone usage and teaches you how to reduce it. (It’s iOS-only and so Android users should check out QualityTime.)


Begin 2019 with the mindset of a fresh start with the technology in your life. If you need a hand with creating a robust backup solution, consolidating all your photos, organising your data and physically cleaning your computer, Tekkie Help is a local-based and expat-run IT support company in Singapore and is on hand to assist. Just call 81138682 for assistance or book an appointment online.

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