Why having the RIGHT technology is so important when managing your photos

Managing and organising photosHaving trouble with how to sort and organise your photos? Sarah and Bo from Sort Your Photos (a sister company of Tekkie Help) share with us why having the RIGHT technology is so important when managing your photos – it really is the key to any successful photo management strategy and vital you consider your setup BEFORE even starting to clear the clutter and organise your photos.

The biggest problems people face when they are trying to organize and manage their photos is that they don’t have the tech set up properly – they may have photos scattered on different devices, no storage space on their computer, Cloud settings all askew, not using the right software…the list goes on!

Love it or hate it, technology underpins any successful photo management strategy – getting it right is the key to success.


Understanding the tech

First things first, its essential that people have a basic understanding of how all the technology works together – how devices synchronise and the implications of using the Cloud and deleting photos from certain devices.

Since technology is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up and get everything to integrate seamlessly. If you are unsure about how it all works we highly recommend swatting up! Tekkie Help runs various training workshops to ensure you are fully up to speed on all things tech!
The right technology foundations

When it comes to managing photos, it is strongly recommended to create a digital photo hub – a central location to store all your photos in full size resolution. This can harder than it sounds, especially when many newer computers sold “off the shelf” with small storage capacity SSDs (solid state hard drives).

The reason it is so important to have a digital photo hub with all of your photos in original size is both for convenience and data security purposes. Having all of your photos easily accessible in one place makes it seamless to access and enjoy your photos. It also makes it much easier to get a robust 3-2-1 backup to protect all the precious memories.

So what is needed? We recommend a computer with a large enough hard drive to store all your photos. We recommend doing a quick audit to get an idea of how much space is needed and how much space your computer has. Usually a 1TB or 2TB hard drive is perfect.


Not enough space?

Don’t be tempted to move photos to external disks – this gets very messy when trying to access them, back them up and also limits the ability to enjoy them. Likewise, we advise against uploading them to the Cloud or “optimizing” their size on the computer hard drive as getting a secure backup is very difficult when they are in the Cloud.

The best option is to invest in your technology to ensure you have the right foundations in place to create a seamless photo management workflow. You can either choose to upgrade the hard drive of your existing computer (Tekkie Help can do this) or buy a new or a refurbished computer. There are some other solutions but the overall workflow will not be so seamless when it comes to taking photos, accessing them and backing them up.

Don’t cut corners – the importance of investing in your technology!

Whilst it can be tempting to save cash and work with what you have, or buy a computer with a lower spec, we do encourage people to invest in their technology. It’s important to remember that photos are a very precious things – irreplaceable and so its important to create a strategy which makes it easy to consolidate all the photos, access them, protect them and most importantly enjoy them!


At Tekkie Help, we know exactly how to set everything up to ensure you have a seamless photo management strategy, all your photos in one place, sorted and organised, free from clutter and duplicates and most importantly safely backed up. If you need any help or advice then get in touch with us on 81138682 or check out what training or “done for you” services we offer to bring order to your digital photos

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